Daily Duelyst: Provoke And Getting Rid of It

As discussed in my previous post, adding necroseer to the deck allowed us to draw more cards and slightly improved my deck score from 3-7 to 4-6, which is an improvement but still not 50% to show that I am winning at least half the time.

deckLandscapeLyonar (5)








yesterday’s deck

The first card we have access to with dispel is ephemeral shroud

Dispel is a function that is used to remove the special status effects of minions and generals. It’s important for us to note that artifacts are not status effects and cannot be dispelled. It’s also important to note that mana tiles & shadow creep can be dispelled, but stun cannot be dispelled!

This is hugely important for us to get rid of those game-losing big threats that required us to immediately answer or we would lose.

Now we have an answer, and it’s only a 2 mana 1/1 minion.

Are we going to create an arbitrary value for this to be consistent with the system we have been developing to evaluate cards?
of course we are.

For dispel minions, let’s say:

V = C – (A+D) + (VoD)

Value =  (Attack + Defence) – Cost + (Value of Dispel)

So, as you can see, the answer will be a variable. So what’s the point of this? Well….it sets up the perfect opportunity for us to make yet another formula for another keyword – one very important to Lyonar – Provoke.

We’re going to kill two birds with one stone here so stay with me.

V = (A+D) – C + (VoP)
Value =(Attack + Defence) – Cost + (Value of Provoke)
Where Value of Provoke is the value of the value of the provoked minions.

For example – Primus Shieldmaster – 4 cost 4/6.


Primus Shieldmaster is provoking Healing Mystic 2/3 and Windblade adept (no zeal!) 2/3

Both have a value of 3.

What does the value of Primus Shieldmaster become in this instance?

The value of Primus Shield Master Is (4+6) – 4 + (3 + 3 ) for a value of 10. is this, objectively speaking, in almost every situation better than the other 4 drop neutral we have access to, Hailstone Golem?

(4+6) – 4 = 6

You freaking bet it is. It is even in situations where it’s only provoking one minion. Primus shieldmaster is still a value of 5 even if it’s not provoking anything yet.

So what happens when you dispel a shieldmaster with a value of 10? You subtract the value of the buff (as the shieldmaster is still alive) from the shieldmaster – the shieldmaster now has a value of 5, but your dispel from ephemeral shroud, originally a 0 value minion has now gained a value of 6! That is fantastic, and precisely why dispel is hugely important in Duelyst.


Here is the finalized deck for this next 10 games. Next, we talk about Opening Gambit and Prismatic Cards.



  • Dispel is an integral part of Duelyst and failing to have it absolutely can cost you the game.
  • Value =  (Attack + Defence) – Cost + (Value of Dispel)
  • Value =(Attack + Defence) – Cost + (Value of Provoke)
  • Value of Provoke is the value of the value of the provoked minions.
  • The value of dispel is equal to the value of the dispel card + the amount of value removed from the minions dispelled.

Author: fatmatth3w

Bad duelyst player.

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