A for Apologies, A New Season, A New Patch A New Expansion!

I apologize that I have not produced any content recently. I took an extended “vacation” due to some unforeseen personal matters arising. Anyhow, I’m back in time for the new season and we have some changes to the game that may or may not be interesting to us. Let’s take a look:

  • Gauntlet, a mode where you draft a temporary 30 cards from a computer generated pool of cards and attempt to win upto 12 games with that deck (and only 3 losses are allowed) has returned with some updates. It still costs 150 gold, and there are various prizes that can be won from gauntlet upto 12 wins instead of 7 now. There are also “gauntlet-specific” minions that are only available in gauntlet as well. As a free to play player, gauntlet is of major interest to us and an avenue we will be exploring shortly.
  • Chapters 36-41 has been added to the codex (lore).
  • Bug Fixes and Misc. Updates
  • Android testing in Alpha. iOS going through parallel testing with Android.
  • Next expansion coming up near the end of this quarter! That means a large, craftable expansion is coming up near the end of June. Interesting!

And now, I’d like to create an update of my own with a  personal for the blog:

  • Quickly explore the other factions
  • Introduce the concepts of the board, mana tiles and positioning with a dual investigation into Gauntlet.
  • Reach rank 10 (Gold Rank) for the June season, as was done in the May Season!

Author: fatmatth3w

Bad duelyst player.

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