Hey there,

I’m fatmatth3w. I’m a fan of Counterplay Game’s tactical ” free-to-play collectible card game and turn-based strategy hybrid.”  The full game was officially released on April 27,

Which was released “officially released on April 27, 2016 on both Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms having previously been in an open-beta period.”(Wikipedia,2017), and is rated 9/10 on Steam.

Duelyst is a collectible card game with a chess-like board and specific movements. It’s like if Magic the Gathering and chess got together, brainstormed, and then somehow had the perfect child. I love it.

However, what I couldn’t help but notice is that the skill ceiling can be incredibly high, and it can feel extremely difficult to ease yourself into the game. All the information is in language that is extremely hard to read. A lot of it assumes you know how to play already.
I am willing to bet a large majority of that is because people decided to teach after they learned to play. Instead, I invite you to learn with me, so we can skip all the fancy “I assume you already know how to play well” stuff that I am noticing a lot of other otherwise fantastic content provides for this great game!