Duelyst Newbie Melee: What I Learned

I started preparing for the Duelyst Newbie Melee on Wednesday.

In between that time and now, I played 105 games in tourney prep on ladder testing decks, getting gold, disenchanting cards, and more.

The first thing I want to say is that was a mistake. As early as this morning I had winrates of 54% on ladder, but yet this afternoon they plummeted to a six game loss streak before winning one more.

After that, I gave myself a time-out. I realized I had burnt myself out. That being said, I still wanted to participate in the tournament and give it my best!
Here is the deck I used in the tournament:

For those of you who are wondering what a sideboard is, it’s a list of cards that can be swapped out during the second set of the match based on how your previous performance was and if you felt you needed to change anything.
I didn’t use my sideboard. I should have. It’s okay though! I learned a lot about my deck and playstyle.

My games were super close. We were within 1 turn of killing each other every game. My opponent nailed got me on the first game, I got him on the second – and he got me on the third. It was intense!

I had a lot of fun. I did get a bye which is when the tournament has an uneven amount of players and one advances forward to the next round automatically. I would have preferred not getting one if it meant I may have had the opportunity to play more games.

I have a couple ideas where to go to with this deck and we will be coming back to this in the future when the series has caught up to this point.

Next time will be even better! I had fun and can’t wait to join my next tournament.
Congratulations to my opponent  Sizas and congratulations to the winner of the tournament Finley! Enjoy your prize.


First Tournament! Newbie Melee Season 1!

A while ago, a representative from counterplay posted this tournament on the
duelyst subreddit:


The tl;dr rules are:

  • Only new players are allowed to play (see below for what qualifies as a new player)
  • Only Basic, Common, and Rare cards allowed (no Epics or Legendaries)
  • Single elimination bracket
  • Matches are best of 3
  • Players have to submit a decklist with a sideboard of up to 10 cards using the website Duelystcards – https://duelystcards.com

All participants are required to join the Discord Server.


I decided that even though this account is less than a week old, I’d like to dive head first into the competitive scene of Duelyst, and take those of you who are interested along for the ride. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who fits the following:

  1. Has a low amount of cards / spirit
  2. Has never been above Gold
  3. Wants to try a tournament but doesn’t have the greatest cards.

For those of you who are not interested in those things, the tournament may not be for you. Even still – I encourage you to sign up and try it. Everyone who plays 1 round gets a free spirit orb.  Everyone who enters is entered into a lottery to win 1 of 2 packs of 10 duelyst orbs. This is a fantastic way to bolster your collection if you don’t have very many cards.

There’s prizes too!


1st Place: 10 Core Set Spirit Orbs

2nd Place: 7 Core Set Spirit Orbs

3rd and 4th Place: 5 Core Set Spirit Orbs

5th to 8th Place: 3 Core Set Spirit Orbs

So go ahead and register for the tournament, but you better hurry because registration closes This Friday – and the tournament begins on Saturday.

I will still be posting my regular content while practicing and gearing up for this tournament but for those of you who were confused as to what to  do with spirit and core orbs if you didn’t want to embellish your set with expansion orbs (as disenchanting is rather complicated – a topic we weren’t familiar with yet) in my post, what to do with your gold will get an inside look at the crafting and disenchanting process, and what works for us (and what doesn’t, we will make mistakes) as we prepare for the tournament.

You can catch me grinding for gold until the tournament so I can craft some cards on my stream.


  1. I’ve decided to join my first official tournament
  2. Registration ends Friday – Tournament begins Saturday.
  3. The tournament is free to access and open for players who have never been in Diamond and higher (gold and under only)
  4. The cards are restricted to basic, common(gray), rare. No epics or legendaries.
    This is a good opportunity to break into the tournament scene as a free player or a player with a limited collection, or simply a new player.
  5. There are over 50 orbs being given away total.
    Everyone who plays one game wins a prize.
  6. Here are the instructions to register
  7. This gives us an opportunity to look into disenchanting, but my basic content will still continue to be posted regularly.
  8. You can catch me grinding for gold until the tournament so I can craft some cards on my stream.